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Infrastructure Access Point/Wireless Router/Client  APXG-Q5420

 World's First Wireless M2M Networking Hub! The Airborne™ line of industrial wireless device servers, access points, and Ethernet bridges and adaptors are built for networking. Machine to Machine communications can get complex in a hurry. Unlike the IT closet, M2M is a mix of RS-232, RS-485 and Ethernet devices. They're often in hard to reach or even mobile locations and rugged environments that creates endless integration challenges. The APXG is a single box solution, allowing you to connect a mix of RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet and WiFi devices, simply and reliably. AirborneAP™ Access Point technology includes secure authentication using WPA2 (AES-CCMP) and a fully functional DHCP server to provide unique addresses for each authenticated client, and each Access Point supports up to 8 clients on a network. The embedded AirborneAP™ modules and external ruggedized Access Points are designed to meet an extended operating temperature range (-20 to +85°C).


  • Infrastructure Access Point/Wireless Router/Client
  • Two DB9M RS-232/422/485 serial ports
  • One 10/100 Ethernet port
  • 802.11 b/g featuring WEP/WPA/WPA2 security
  • Access Point functionality supports up to 8 802.11 b/g clients
  • Router, bridge, client and DHCP Server networking capabilities
  • Airborne PortFlex enables simultaneous communications between any combination of serial, Ethernet and 802.11 interfaces.
  • Extended operating temperature range (-20 to +85°C)
  • Airborne SpeedLink roaming for enhanced connection reliability


APXG-Q5420 diagram



Model No.
Airborne Industrial Wireless Access Point
Datasheet     DoC  


 UHR401 and UHR402 are One and Two Port Ruggedized Isolators


  • 4 kV Isolation
  • High Retention USB Connectors
  • ESD Protection - 15 kV Air
  • Heavy Duty Case - Panel Mount with DIN Rail Adapters
  • Wide Operating Temperature (-40 to 80°C)
  • USB 2.0 - Full Speed
  • One and Two Port Version

The UHR401 and UHR402 are One and Two Port Ruggedized Isolators. They are designed and tested to meet heavy industrial EMC standards. High retention USB connectors hold standard USB cables tight and are perfect for high vibration applications -- requiring up to 3.2 lbs-force to disconnect them. They have 4 kV Isolation between the upstream and downstream USB ports to protect expensive equipment from dangerous ground loops and to help ensure data integrity. They are also suitable for integration into medical applications requiring 60601-1 certification.

The Heavy Industrial EMC specifications allow these isolators to operate in unfriendly electrical environments -- such as near variable frequency drives, motor control centers, welding, and other large electrical loads.

They are powered from an external 10 to 30 VDC power supply unit. The product comes with an international power supply that has US, EU, and UK blades. There are also power options with a locking barrel plug that can be purchased separately - refer to the ordering information.

The downstream port(s) provides up to 500 mA of power to connected USB devices.





isolated converter

 Isolated Converter


RS-232 to RS-422/485


Model #: 485LDRC9


Port Powered Converter with Send Data Control


Port Powered Converter RS-232 to RS-485


Model #: 485SD9TB

USB to Serial Connections That Hold Tight!


Inline - USB to Serial Converters, 1 port
Connect serial devices to your USB-only PCs