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TTL Converters
TTL Converters

TTL Converters

Make easy connections between your TTL equipment and RS-232 ports. All models convert two channels in each direction from TTL to RS-232 or RS-422. Model 232LPTTL is a port-powered version with DB9 connectors. Model 422TTL is an RS-422 to TTL converter that requires +12 VDC and has DB25 connectors. Model 232TTL requires +12 VDC and has DB25 connectors.

Model Number RS-232/422 Connector TTL Connector Isolation Power Supply Downloads
DB25 Female DB25 Male 2000V -
DB9 Female DB9 Male None Port-Powered
DB9 Female DB9 Male
(3.3 Volt)
None Port-Powered
DB25 Female DB25 Male None -
DB25 Female DB25 Male
(3.3 Volt)
None -
DB25 Male DB25 Female None -