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Serial Data Switches
Serial Data Switches

Serial Data Switches

Model 232BSS4, our most versatile and intelligent smart switch, ships with Vlinx Q4, B&B Electronics’ serial network management software. It provides visualization-mapping and helps set up your network of RS-232 devices with a few keystrokes. A single RS-232 port on your PC can now communicate seamlessly with four or more RS-232 devices. Vlinx Q4 software configures ports and assigns a Windows COM port within Windows 2000 or XP. Once configured, simply run your existing application software to converse with each device as if it was directly wired to your PC. When used with B&B Electronics RS-485 or fiber optic converters, the Model 232BSS4 smart switch may be connected to PCs or serial devices miles away. Requires 12 VDC power.

  • Free networking software included for XP, 2000
  • User friendly graphic interface
  • Configure each port individually from your PC
  • 8 KB buffer on each port ensures no lost data
  • Connectors: master DB25 female, slaves DB9 male
  • Mix and match baud rates

Model 232MSS2 is a compact four port mini switch. Its master port may be configured as either a DTE or DCE port. If the master port is DTE, the four other ports automatically become DCE ports. This model offers enhanced features that automatically control transmit/ receive functions, stop inadvertent switching from binary/graphic file transfers and inactive slave devices from holding control of the master port.

  • 4 RS-232 DB9 female slave ports
  • Automatic transmit and receive control
  • Supports 1200 to 115.2 kbps
  • Requires 12 VDC power supply
Model Number Host Port Slave Ports Power Supply  Downloads
DB25 Female 4 DB9 Male 12 VDC
DB25 Female 4 DB9 Female 12 VDC
Terminal Block DB25 Male 12 VDC