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Data Taps
Data Taps

Data Taps

Tap in on a serial data stream and transparently feed another monitor, printer or other device. Dipswitches on Models 9PCDT and 232CDT allow programming to monitor the main Transmit and Receive data lines individually or together. Model 232CDY connects into all 25 data lines and may be used as a Data Tap or to connect one PC port to two RS-232 serial devices for simultaneous or intermittent use.

data taps small
  • Monitor and record serial data streams
  • Transparent connection
  • Easy to install, may be left in place
  • No external power required
Model Number Use With Straight Through Connectors Monitor Port Connector Downloads
Any serial device 1 - DB9 Male
1 - DB9 Female
DB9 Female
Any serial device 1 - DB25 Male
1 - DB25 Female
DB25 Female
Data Y 1 - DB25 Male
2 - DB25 Female