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Technical Library

RS-485 and RS-422

Technical Articles
•   RS-422/485 Application Note
•   B&B Converters for the Industrial World
•   Basics of the RS-485 Standard
•   Cable Selection for RS-422 and RS-485 Systems
•   Getting From Here to There: Serial Communications Systems
•   Polarities for Differential Pair Signals (RS-422 and RS-485)
•   Port Powered Serial Converter FAQ
•   Tips for Using Port Powered Converters
•   RS-485 Problem Solver - Trouble Shooting Guide Walks You Step by Step
•   RS-485 Quick Guide - Just the Essentials on a Single Piece of Paper
•   System Design With Port Powered Converters
•   Troubleshooting an RS-232 to RS-485 Interface Converter
•   RS-485 Q&A
•   Industrial Bus Compatibility Chart
•   An RS-485 Tale of Woe

•   RS-422 Converter to 422 Device (Illustration)
•   RS-422 Loopback Connections
•   RS-485 2-Wire Converter to 2-Wire 485 Devices
•   RS-485 4-Wire Converter to 4-Wire 485 Devices
•   RS-485 Star Network With Repeaters
•   RTS Control
•   Send Data Control
•   Using RS-422 to Extend RS-232 Connections
•   4 Wire RS-485 to Fiber Connections - FOSTCDR
•   485OPDR Isolation Between Buildings
•   485 Port Power Powered Converter T/S Flow Chart
•   485LDRC9 Troubleshooting Illustration
•   485OPDRI Switch Illustration

•   232/422 Converter Connections for Extending RS-232?
•   485LDRC9 - Extending RS232 Connections
•   How Can I Check My 2-Wire RS-485 Port or Converter To Verify Operation?
•   How Can I Check My 4-Wire RS-485 Port or Converter To Verify Operation?
•   How Can I Check My RS-422 Port or Converter? - Loopback Test
•   RS-422 Connections
•   RS-485 Connections
•   What Terminals are used when connecting the 485LDRC9 for RS-485 or RS-422?
•   Connections for RS-485 or RS-422 to the 4WSD9OTB or 4WSD25OTB Converters?


Protecting Ports with Isolation and Surge Protection



•   Glossary

Current Loop


Data Acquisition

Fiber Optics


•   Video: GhostBridge Wireless Ethernet Demonstration

Technical Articles
•   Wireless Antenna Installation Guide
•   10 Commandments of Wireless Communications
•   Everything You Wanted to Know About the 868MHz Radio…but were afraid to ask
•   Wireless Range Estimator
•   Making Wireless Work: Antenna & Cable Selection
•   802.11 for Industrial Applications
•   Stepping up to Wireless?
•   802.11 Basics
•   Wireless Winning Wider Acceptance in Automation - article
•   Industrial Wireless - Selecting a Wireless Technology
•   Industrial Wireless Modems Come of Age
•   Solving Industrial Monitoring Challenges through Wireless I/O

•   Wireless Remote Monitoring/Control

•   How Do I Make 2-Wire or 4-Wire RS-485 or RS422 Connections to my ZP Wireless Radio Modems?