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In-line optical isolators for RS-232/422/485
In-line optical isolators for RS-232/422/485

In-line optical isolators for RS-232/422/485

Model 485OPB optically isolates and protects equipment and also acts as a signal repeater to extend the range of RS-422/485 data lines another 1,200m. On RS-485 circuits, it allows more than 32 nodes to be used. It works on 2-wire or 4-wire systems. It can also join 4-wire RS-422 with 2-wire RS-485 systems, simplifying the job and saving the cost of another converter. A 12VDC power supply is required.

Model 232SPHI4 has 4000 volts of isolation — twice the rating of most isolators — to protect RS-232 equipment from lightning strikes, accidental high voltage shorts and ground loops. Model 9SPOP2 is a port powered two-channel isolator with a 2500V protection level. Model 9POP4 offers 4 channels of isolation and requires a single external 12 VDC power supply to power both sides, ideal for the low powered ports on laptops and newer PCs.

Model Number Description Channels Protected Connector to DTE Connector to DCE Max kbps Power Source Downloads
High Speed 4KV Optical Isolator Four DB25F DB25M 115.2 Port-Powered
9-Pin Port Powered Optical Isolator Two DB9F DB9M 115.2 Port-Powered
9-Pin Non-Port Powered Optical Isolator Four DB9F DB9M 115.2 -
RS-422/485 Optically Isolated Repeater, 2 or 4 wire Four Terminal Block Terminal Block 460.8 -